New: Page layout
Last update: 18.01.2007

I have tried to make my own homepage for the first time =) Since this is the first time it may not be very good in the beginning, but  I will try to update and improve it as soon as I get time for it.

The reason to why I chose to finally make a homepage was that I will travel away from anyone familiar in three years. My brother and I  will take the three years of high school in France, and I thought it could be nice to have a homepage. I will update the page with pictures and info about how I it is going in France as soon as I have time. On thing is for sure, I will miss my friends!

I won't update the English version of this page as much as the Norwegian, mostly because it takes time (and I'm lazy). I will also try to translate my page to French, but that may take some years....

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