Pictures from our school trip

10B went on a school trip to Boda Borg in Sweden from 15-17 June 2006
Me and Asbjørn in the bus Jørgen
Me and Asbjørn at our room in Boda Borg Our room
The fantastic view (which kept us awake the whole night) "Rymden". All the rooms had different themes.
The corridor to our room We slept here....
Eirik at "Farmen" (an other room) Jørgen at the bathroom
"Farmen" Boda Borg
Sindre, Jørgen, Magnus, Asbjørn, Eirik and me Sondre, Mikkel, Sindre, Christian and Magnus
Sindre, Sverre and Martin Martine, Aarti and Linn
Jørgen outside Boda Borg  Eirik pretend to play innocent after a water fight..hehe
Martine, Helene and Aarti at "Spøken" Helene and Aarti
Martine The grown-ups relax
I am fixing a lamp =P Asbjørn, Oda, Martin and Linn are watching a football mach
0-0 between England and Trinidad and Tobago after 49 min Vilde, Helene and Martin
Synnøve, Martin and me I thought it might be nice to censor this picture..hehe
Martin Tara
Vilde is showing her football skills Synnøve tries too
Martine, Tara and Aarti Linn
Tara Martine
We played volleyball Synnøve, Asbjørn, Helene, Vilde, Martin and Martine
Sverre and Synnøve Class picture!
We climbed the second day..Asbjørn reached the top Me and Jørgen in the climbing wall
Me and Martin are relaxing Everybody were watching the climbing
Jørgen We have just arrived at the new cabins
Helene, Tara and Aarti Martin..hehe
Asbjørn and Vilde Mikkel and Christian at the beach
Asbjørn and Martin after a f**** cold bath We got grill food to lunch
The beach and the bananaboat =) Jørgen and Sondre
Martin Vilde and Linn in wetsuit

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